Woven Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene Packaging

Woven Polypropylene Bags

These woven polypropylene bags are used where operation by forklift or crane is not possible and hence these bags of products has to be handled manually by manpower, generally these bags are used for packing 10, 25 OR 50 kgs of the products where manpower can handle these filled bags comfortably.

These bags are made of fabric weaved using polypropylene yarn hence they comes with higher strength and are also puncture resistant as compared to polyethylene bags.

These bags have an option to come with / without UV STABILIZATION and because of which the properties of bags doesn’t change even if
exposed to direct sunlight or in wet conditions like floods, and offers below styles of bag construction:


1. PP bags with open top & sewn bottom

They are very cost-effective, best for the low range products packaging.

2. PP bags with top hemming & sewn bottom

It is primarily used for easy and instant filling.

3. PP bags with top – heat cut / Zig-Zag cut & sewn bottom

It causes no crease when folded and maintains the better transparency.

4. PP bags with Gusset opening

They are used for many purpose such as feeds, aquatic products, and food packaging.


5. PP bags with valve at top & sewn bottom

They are Durable, Economical and Flexible.

6. PP bags with valve at top & block bottom

They are made of PP plastic and are largely used in agricultural products and transportation.

7. Asbestos bags with inner liner

They are mostly used in building constructions. They are perfect for smaller size materials. It comes with a self-sealing feature.

8. KMF / Mineral Wool / Mineralfaser PP bags

It basically protects your health during renovations. They come in various sizes.

9. AD*STAR bags

STAR bags are easy to keep / store on pallet as they form square shape.

10. Sand bags

These bags are used during floods have an option of with / without UV STABILIZED.

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