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Jute / Burlap / Hessian / Gunny Packaging

Jute is a natural fiber made out of a Plant called “Corchorus Capsularis”, and from this fiber burlap, hessian or gunny fabric (cloth) is made. And from this Fabric various bags and fabric are sold for a variety of packaging, which we can supply:

Jute / Burlap / Hessian / Gunny bags of various size to pack various products like Seeds, Onions, Potatoes, Coffee, Cocoa, etc. which products requires breathing space.

Jute / Burlap / Hessian / Gunny bags of small size, we had given name to this kind of bags as POTLI TM and they are used to pack various products like special Chocolates or gifts.

Jute / Burlap / Hessian / Gunny Fabric in form of Sheet of Fabric or Rolls of any required customized sizes.

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